How to Get the Right Side Hustle to Boost Your Income

A man walking dogs down the street for his side hustle

There are many reasons to take on a side hustle. Most people take it to earn extra money to build savings and to achieve financial freedom. Others use side gigs to build skills, widen networks, exercise talent and try different careers without quitting the current jobs.

But what most people don't seem to talk about is- how to get the right side hustle.

If you think a side gig is a good idea for you, it's crucial to know how to start or where to get it. In this post, we look at how to choose the right side hustle and explain practical ways to find a side gig.

How To Pick The Right Side Hustle

Choosing a side gig to pursue is not cakes and ale. The last thing you want is to find a side hustle that will derail your performance in your main job.

So before you even start hunting, take time to pick the right hustle. People who ignore this step often end up under-performing in their main jobs. If you don't want that to happen, here are a few tips to follow:

Choose Something You Enjoy

You probably spend about 40 hours at your main job. So at the end of the day, you're more likely to be tired. And as such, it's wise to find a side gig that you don't have to dread doing.

Taking an additional 10 hours a week to work won't be a stride in the park. So pick a side hustle that you look forward to doing after work. You might want to look at things you enjoy and turn them into income sources. For instance, if you enjoy writing and editing, you might want to look for content writing gigs.

Don't Ignore Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, you don't want your second job to interfere with your main source of income. So it pays to pick a side job that is flexible based on deadlines and scheduling.

Imagine taking a side job that requires you to work late into the night and you expect to be productive in your main job. Unless your main job is predictable, never overlook flexibility.

Get A Side Gig With Growth Potential

Most successful side hustles usually turn into full-time jobs. So, pursue a side gig with room for growth. It can be a good source of income when you retire.

For example, if you opt to pursue web design, you can build a wide customer base through referrals. But if you pick a seasonal position at a tourism company, you might lose it when things slow down.

Now that you know how to pick the right side gig, let's look at how to find it fast.

How To Get A Side Hustle Fast

Leverage Your Network

Networking is the fastest way to get a side hustle. According to a study by LinkedIn, over 85% of open positions are usually filled through networking.

So instead of focusing elsewhere, start with what's under your nose. Look at your contacts, friends, bosses, coworkers and other connections. Let them know you're looking for a side gig.

Search Online

There are several job sites out there. You will be doing yourself a huge disservice if you ignore them. Most of them are easy to navigate and post various gigs. Select what interests you and apply. Some of the leading sites include Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Monster.

Contact Potential Employers Directly

Since you already know the fields that interest you, make a list of 10 to 15 potential employers. Check their websites to see what's available. But don't stop there.

Email your resume directly to the HR or Recruitment Manager. If you don't get the right email address, reach out to support teams and request for it. Alternatively, visit their offices.

Don't Give Up

Let's face it. If you want to find a side gig fast, you must put the hours in. So treat your gig search as your new job. And when you get unfavorable replies, don't lose hope. Remember good things take time.

And while at it, don't jeopardize your main job. You don't want to lose your income because you spend so much time finding a side gig.

Getting a side hustle can boost your income. You can increase your savings and even hit long term goals sooner than you anticipated. But getting the right gig can be challenging. Hopefully, these tips can help you pick the right gig and get if fast.