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Polk Partners understands that your goals include more than just saving money each month. Your goals start with getting out of high interest rate credit card debt the right way. Debt consolidation wrests the control back where it belongs: with you. Cut your monthly payments in half, reduce your interest rates, and simplify your payment strategy. Sounds like the goal to us. At Polk Partners, we are with you each step of the way.



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Charleston, NC
I was in deep debt. Not only was I in deep debt, I had a lot of cards. I had so many cards that I was making the minimum payments on all. Which got me nowhere but in more debt. All while trashing my credit score. My bank would not help me, and so I couldn't take a mortgage out on my home. When I got the offer from Polk Partners, I never thought they would take me. Not only did they take me, they listened, they helped, and they didn't judge. Polk Partners saved me. Really. Thank you!
Gainesville, FL
My divorce did not end well... for me. Not only did I have to pay my ex-husband alimony, but I had to move out. It was insane. My savings was depleted from lawyer's fees and I was living on credit cards. My mom finally shook me and said "Get it together!" Polk Partners offered me a reasonable and livable solution to my credit card debt. With Polk Partners, I was able to get out of debt and on with my life.